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Corporation / LLC Setup & Dissolution


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Corporation / LLC setup & Dissolution

I provide the services of

  • Helping you decide whether to form an LLC or a corporation (business entity)
  • Setting up a business entity
  • Maintaining your business entity’s legal requirements
  • Being your registered agent
  • Dissolving an LLC or corporation that is no longer in business.

My two-hour minimum “starter case” is usually enough to evaluate your business name and to decide which kind of business entity is best for your needs. This will require financial information or projections from you. The process of forming a business entity and making city, county, state, and federal filings usually involves about 10 – 12 more billable hours (roughly $2,000 – 2,500).

Business entities require a slight amount of annual – biennial maintenance. I offer the long-term services of:

  • Reminders, filings, and / or templates for annual procedures such as statements of information or corporate minutes. As long as there are no major changes, I can supervise your full annual requirements for just $200 / yr (corporation) or $100 / yr (LLC).
  • You may name me as your registered agent for service of process for $100 / yr. The registered agent is the person who would be served by court papers if anyone ever filed a lawsuit against your business entity. You may be your own registered agent if you want to. Here’s a good article with the pros and cons of hiring an outside registered agent.

The documents below give you more information about what you and I need to know.


I also read, write, and review contracts. If you provide a contract for review, I can generally read and annotate it at the rate of 2 – 4 pages per hour. I have templates on hand for NDAs, buyouts, independent contractors, patent / trademark licenses, works for hire, and a few other basics. Customizing such contracts varies with your needs, but it is often a minimal task. Unique contracts will require more research, time, and legal expenses.

Clients & Success Stories

My sister chose Cuba Cafe for her birthday dinner, not even knowing it was my client! I helped new owner Jose Vega-Martinez purchase this corporation.

Beau Studio — Hardware and software for visual effects.

Better Way Goods, LLC — Maker of Swipensnap diaper rash cream applicator and related products.

See Alina pitch Swipensnap on Shark Tank! (Click on the 4th dot in the time bar).

Black Orchid Tattoo Collective, Inc. — Tattoos and body piercings parlor in Lancaster, CA. Congrats on getting incorporated in 2021!

Breakaway Child & Family Therapy, PC — I incorporated this professional practice in May 2023.

Consolidated Networks Corp. (CNC) — Thank you for becoming my first client in the Vacaville location!

Calibaby, LLC — Baby Goods / Kids Goods. I helped Calibaby draft an Independent Contractor Agreement and an amended Operating Agreement.

Cuba Cafe — Cuban restaurant in Vacaville, CA.

G Force Strength Gym Equipment: Trademark services

Jackrabbit Body Care, LLC — Maker of Kontrol liquid makeup primer.

Kanpachi Sushi Gardena — Traditional edomae-style sushi restaurant.

Metanoia Psychological Services, PC — I manage annual tax procedures and other corporate needs.

The Rusty Fox, Inc. – I set up this corporation for my clients to open a brewery. I then dissolved the corporation when the sale of the business didn’t go through.

Sofia Grace Boutique — Women’s clothing in Dixon, CA. I set up the corporation and consulted with the business owner about how to structure her paychecks and profits.

Soleus Air, NA — Intercontinental purveyor of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, etc. logo

Sushi Daddy Group, Inc. — I helped this company set up and dissolve corporations and LLC’s.