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Informational Videos

Patent, Trademark, or Copyright? Intro. to Intellectual Property (IP)
What you need to obtain a utility patent, design patent, or trademark

Pre-Consultation Handouts

I prepared these handouts for clients inquiring about patent or trademark services.  If you can find time, please look over them before our consultation!  Otherwise, we will discuss the highlights together in our consultation and / or starter case.

Starter Case Forms

These are the forms for you to fill out after our consultation and before our starter case.

Patent Portfolio

Patent 11,901,717: Arnold, Bracket for Mounting an Electrical Box to the Open Face of a Metal Stud

Patent 11,698,150: Esmailian, Pipe Hanger

Patent 11,557,446: Atienza, Keyboard Stabilizer Adapted for Noise Reduction

Patent 11,505,224: Kravchenko, Stackable Rolling Coolers with Affixed Main Bin

Patent 11,445,749: Miller, Smoking Pipe Assembly

Patent 11,421,803: Arnold, Cable Fastener

Patent 11,378,251: Anctil, Double-Cone Candle Shade

Patent 11,287,074: Riddle & Donovan, Device and Method for Repairing Pipe Leakage

Patent 11,104,488: Kravchenko, Nipple Cream Applicator

Patent 10,967,896: Kravchenko, Stackable Rolling Cooler Bins with Drawers

Patent 10,688,035, Holbrook, Protective Liquid Cosmetic Primer

Patent 10,595,616, Kravchenko, Diaper Cream Applicator with Lid

Patent 10,099,082, Kravchenko, Leg Lift Dumbbell

Patent 10,028,579, Kantor, Collator

Patent 9,816,273, Yi, Clip for Securing Rebar

Patent 9,803,905, Wang, Dehumidifier with Temperature Sensor Safety Feature (see corporate press release on the client’s website)

Patent 9,357,866, Allahverdian, Clip for Hanging a Necktie

Patent 9,302,527, Lowery, Two-Sided String-Bound Book

Patent 9,179,752, Kim & Won, Cosmetic Box with Fan and Nail Drying Apparatus

Patent 9,049,968, Ellison, Pen for Washing Small Children

Patent 8,920,059, Kravchenko, Diaper Rash Cream Applicator

Design Patent D1,018,736: Eshetu, Pilates Reformer

Design Patent D1,012,380: Barlev, Double Deck Feeder for Wild Animals

Design Patent D940,257: Kravchenko, Inverted-Heart-Shaped Dumbbell

Design Patent D888,222, Wang, Electric Fan

Design Patent D888,218, Wang, Electric Fan

Design Patent D859,987, Kravchenko, Soft spatula tube applicator

Design Patent D853,824, Kravchenko, Suction Cup Base

Design Patent D848,839, Kravchenko, Pull Tab Lid

Design Patent D781,683, Yi, Clip for Securing Rebar

Design Patent D766,414, Chu, Dehumidifier

Trademark Portfolio

US TM 7,000,872: NTH DEGREE PUBLISHING, for The Law Office of Scot S. Fagerland, PC

US TM 7,122,930: KOKOSOL, for Amanda Martin

US TM 6,631,613: DAD’S GREAT ADVICE, for Story Entertainment, Inc.

US TM 6,632,033: (Logo only), for Sushi Daddy Group, Inc.

US TM 6,581,147: SUSHI DADDY, for Sushi Daddy Group, Inc.

US TM 6,583,232: (Logo only), for Sushi Daddy Group, Inc.

US TM 6,349,921: TONERBUM (with logo), for Better Way Body, LLC

US TM 6,241,527, SUNSET VIBES SWIMWEAR, for Sunset Vibes Swimwear, LLC

US TM 6,230,089, MY RETURN (stylized form), for My Return, LLC

US TM 6,229,386, HALF SHADOW, for Half Shadow, LLC

US TM 6,155,241, SNUGG, for Dani B. Design, LLC

US TM 6,154,110, CALIBABY GOODS, for Dani B. Design, LLC

US TM 6,107,304, FIZSTOP, for Gevorg Adjian

US TM 6,106,995, BbP (Stylized form), for Matthew Miller

US TM 6,104,517, NTH DEGREE TUTORING, for The Law Office of Scot S. Fagerland, PC

US TM 6,027,922, JACKRABBIT, for Jackrabbit Body Care, LLC

US TM 6,027,715 (Image only), for RND Enterprises

US TM 6,023,683, KONTROL, for Jackrabbit Body Care, LLC

US TM 5,832,985, BROWZING LA (Design + words form) for Lisa Nalbandian

US TM 5,768,104, SWIPENSNAP, for Better Way Goods, LLC

US TM 5,516,761, BROWZING LA (standard form), for Lisa Nalbandian

US TMs 5,190,792 and 5,191,403, SOROUDI, for Arianna Soroudi

US TM 4,831,670, LIFE-JUDGE, for Christopher Cole

US TM 4,584,218, VXM, for Beyond Mars, Inc.