Preferred protocol:  For first contact, please schedule a free half-hour consultation . The calendar will give you space to describe the nature of your inquiry and your preferred mode of communication.

Phone:  707-685-9281.  If you call and get lucky, we might be able to conduct the free initial half-hour consultation immediately over the phone.  More likely, I will only have five minutes to schedule an appointment, or you won’t catch me by chance.  Nobody likes phone tag!  I prefer that you please book your appointment using my calendar.  If you can’t come in person, we can consult by phone or Zoom.

Location:  419 Mason St. Ste. 213, Vacaville, CA, 95688.  As a personal matter, I strongly prefer to meet each client face-to-face at least once (in person or on Zoom), as early as possible in the business relationship. That being said, we will rarely if ever have to meet in person in order to conduct business. I welcome calls from around the world.

Email:  [email protected] . I check messages daily 5 days / week. Email (and phone) communications related to your case are generally billed. I exempt the first 0.3 hours of your “QRSTU” each week (Quick Questions, Requests, and Status Updates), and that allowance is doubled for clients who have made previous payment arrangements.