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My Practice

I am not only an attorney but also a small-business owner myself.  I have gone through all the hoops of incorporating, registering fictitious business names (dba’s), taking care of business licenses and taxes, etc.

My most unique qualification is my registration as a patent attorney.  Not just any lawyer can file your patent application — it’s a specialty field with its own licensing requirements!  You’ll find that most patent lawyers work in very expensive firms and will only deal with large clients.  On the other extreme, you’ll find shady patent mills that only seem to be available online.  I stake out the middle ground, serving small businesses and middle-income solo inventors.  I meet you in person, handle all aspects of your case, and deliver quality that the patent mills can’t match.  At the same time, I offer prices and accessibility that large firms can not provide to this middle-income segment.

While patents are the core of my practice, I have also successfully procured trademarks and even employment visas.  On occasion, I have worked with business clients to negotiate a contract or secure a licensing deal.

I started my first business, Nth Degree Tutoring, in the late 1990’s.  My career as an educator makes me good at communicating with clients.  Clients often complain that their lawyers leave them in the dark.  I educate my clients about the ins and outs of their cases.

My resume follows. — SF


Caltech – BS Applied Math

UCSD – MS Engineering Science

UCLA – Law


California State Bar # 230,997

United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) # 56,532

Corporate clients

Beau Studio — Hardware and software for visual effects.

Better Way Goods, LLC — Maker of Swipensnap diaper rash cream applicator and related products.

Jackrabbit Body Care, LLC — Maker of Kontrol liquid makeup primer.

Soleus Air, NA — Intercontinental purveyor of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans, etc. logo

Patent Portfolio

Patent 8,920,059, Kravchenko, Diaper Rash Cream Applicator

Patent 9,049,968, Ellison, Pen for Washing Small Children

Patent 9,179,752, Kim & Won, Cosmetic Box with Fan and Nail Drying Apparatus

Patent 9,302,527, Lowery, Two-Sided String-Bound Book

Patent 9,357,866, Allahverdian, Clip for Hanging a Necktie

Patent 9,803,905, Wang, Dehumidifier with Temperature Sensor Safety Feature (see corporate press release on the client’s website)

Patent 9,816,273, Yi, Clip for Securing Rebar

Patent 10,028,579, Kantor, Collator

Patent 10,099,082, Kravchenko, Leg Lift Dumbbell

Design Patent D781,683, Yi, Clip for Securing Rebar


US TM 4,831,670, Cole, LIFE-JUDGE

US TMs 5,190,792 and 5,191,403, Soroudi, SOROUDI

Corporate Structure

The Law Office of Scot S. Fagerland, PC, a California professional corporation, handles all USPTO matters and other consulting services that do not require a license to practice law.

Scot S. Fagerland, Esq., an individual (CA SBN 230,997) handles all legal matters that require a license to practice law.

About My Portrait

What? No coat and tie?! No bookshelves or file cabinets?!

Absolutely not. I am tired of those old-school 20th-century images of lawyers. I’ll let you in on a secret. Lawyers do their research online like everyone else. Those walls full of books are photo-opp gimmicks. The coat / tie is proper dress code for courtrooms. I don’t practice litigation, so I honestly never need to dress like that. The picture you see on the site is an accurate representation of me and my practice. It’s a streamlined paperless office, just me and my laptop in a comfortable setting. Local photographer (and former student of mine) Ashleigh Cahn took the picture in 2018.