Coronavirus update

The coronavirus epidemic affects us all in multiple ways. Some of us are more vulnerable or nervous or skeptical than others. I believe in respecting your choices while explaining mine. My personal choice was to limit all unnecessary interpersonal contact while any locality that I live in has more than a 1% active infection rate. That includes Rancho Park, Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County, California, the United States, and the world. As of July, 2020, the cities and counties of Los Angeles are infected above the 1% rate.

Therefore, my office will be closed to in-office meetings until we get back below that threshold. I am still available at all regular hours for remote services. That includes phone consultations and electronic document exchange.

Why 1%? Admittedly, it’s an arbitrary level. The way I look at it, when an epidemic is growing exponentially, 1% is within striking distance of large percentages. And when you go to a grocery store with more than 100 people in it, chances are the virus is in that store. I choose to play it safe, to protect myself, and to be part of the solution.

Last decade, when I taught math at Mt. St. Mary’s College, I made a video presentation about exponential growth. This lesson might surprise you. I hope you find it interesting and relevant to today’s pandemic.