Appointments Before Memorial Day

*** Yes, open for phone consultations during COVID-19 season!! ***

Book a 30-minute consultation here.  Your initial consultation is free.  Subsequent consultations are billed at your normal hourly rate. I normally prefer in-person consultations. I leave that choice up to you while safer-at-home orders are in effect. If you decide to visit, be sure to see the Contact page for parking / walking directions.  If the consultation must be by phone, please email to let me know.  I would also appreciate a one-sentence heads-up about the nature of your call.

Please bear with me in May. I am phasing out an old Appointy calendar system while phasing in a new Acuity system.

Click here to book appointments before Memorial Day (Appointy). If the calendar below appears on your device, you can use it too.

Click here to book consultations that will be held on or after Memorial Day, even if you book them now (Acuity). Pre-existing clients, you’ll have to re-enroll in Acuity the first time you use it.