Ballpark figures for most common projects

  • An average patent prior art search will cost you $500 – 1,500.  This is a little higher than some quotes you’ll see, but I take this phase more seriously than most firms.  A good prior art search prevents unnecessary costs further down the line.  Furthermore, I use my prior art search report as the basis of the patent application itself.
  • The average utility patent application will cost you $3,000 – 5,000.  This includes legal fees, illustrations, and USPTO filing fees.  This is where you’ll really save money working with me!
  • A design patent costs about half as much as a utility patent.
  • A simple trademark application will cost you $500 – 1,000.
  • Your total lifetime cost will be about twice the cost of your initial application, spread out over a year to a decade.

Hourly rates:  $150 – 200 / hr

  • Unless contracted otherwise, I bill all of my time hourly, rounded to the 1/4 hr.  That includes correspondence with you (consultations, phone calls, and emails).
  • The rates below apply to new clients after 1/15/19 and existing clients after 2/15/19.
  • The rate is $200 / hr without credit card pre-authorization.  Maximum three hours service will be provided before payment is due.
  • The rate is $150 / hr with credit card pre-authorization.  If I have your credit card information on file, then I will send you a statement and charge the card weekly.  Please fill out and return this credit card pre-authorization form.
  • If you must finance the charges, we can spread out your credit card payments over time for a finance fee.

Free consultation

Call now for a free initial 30-minute consultation.  Call 310-478-6146 or use the appointment calendar.

Only your VERY FIRST consultation is free.  After that, please be clear that all correspondence with Scot, whether it be a reserved consultation, a phone call, or email, is billed by the 1/4 hour.  Please direct your scheduling / billing questions to Tiffany, NthDegreeAssistant@gmail.com, as there is obviously no charge to talk to her.


  • Correspondence with me, including phone calls and emails, is billed by the 1/4 hr.  Correspondence with an assistant is not billed; email NthDegreeAssistant@gmail.com
  • I prioritize cases first by deadline and then by date submitted with payment.
  • I charge a 25% “expedite” fee to prioritize your case over others or to meet short-term deadlines, generally less than a month.  (Don’t wait 11 months before completing your non-provisional applications!!!  Grrr … )
  • Estimates / flat fees:  Most of my matters are close-ended, with a particular end goal.  When I assess each matter, I will provide you with an estimated range of likely hours and a maximum “cap”.  If you prefer a flat fee for a project exceeding $1,000, it will be 25% above the maximum likely estimate.
  • Example:  A client requests a utility patent prior art search, and I provide a likely estimate of $500 – 1,000, capped at $1,500.  The client would prefer a flat fee, which I quote at $1,250.
  • This office does not offer written contracts or fee negotiations for projects under $1,000.